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Chromcraft Airport Seating

After more than 30 years in Portland International Airport, these Chromcraft original airport benches were saved from certain death, with an eye on updating them for a modern era. Designed with a distinctly American Mid-Century Modern furniture design aesthetic, the seating draws us back to a time when air travel was something to look forward to, a privilege.


The Original Vinyl

These iconic benches have nearly limitless customization options, from custom solid wood tables to a variety of fabric choices and stitching patterns

style, functionality, and versatility


Chromcraft designed these benches with a remarkable degree of versatility, allowing these benches to thrive in a variety of settings, from residential seating, to waiting rooms and commercial offices


The Chromcraft Bar Stool

We've converted these iconic bench seats into comfortable and stylish bar stools that can be customized with different fabrics and finishes.
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