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The leather Collection

These Chromcraft sofas aren’t furniture, they’re living history, a testament to a bygone era of American furniture manufacturing that has long since passed. Modular, durable, and attractive, these seats have hosted millions of memories. We cherish the memories, but not the 30 years of gum. Each seat has been meticulously cleaned, with the chrome and aluminum accents polished to a mirror finish. We're focused on sustainable, responsibly sourced materials, and have selected exquisite leathers, from makers like Langlitz Leathers, breathing new life into these iconic airport benches. These fit a variety of decor, from mid-century modern to contemporary, and are perfect for corporate offices, waiting rooms, and high-end residential. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Portland history. 

Please inquire here for information on custom orders and warehouse viewings.

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