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Wood juice is here!

Before launching PDXoriginals, we were hobbyists with a passion for vintage furniture. Our generation has been conditioned to purchase furniture delivered in a box, that wont last a move or two. We've long loved reviving grandma's furniture, finding the craftsmanship of mid-century furniture to be far superior to what we find at furniture stores today. As our hobby turned into our business, we found ourselves increasingly focused on updating vintage pieces, and crafting the finest tables and pieces with locally sourced lumber.

We often field inquiries as to what products we recommend for crafting and maintaining our wood surfaces. Over the years we've tried several high-end wood oils, hoping to find a product that would meet our rigorous standards. Repeatedly, we have confronted issues with discoloration, dullness, and slow dry times that have significantly impacted our production timelines.

This frustration set us on a long journey to craft our own blend, one that enhanced the natural character of our hardwoods, while providing the durability needed for oft-used surfaces. Years of trial and error resulted in a formula that reflects the standard of quality our clients demand.

Oregon is home to some of the finest natural hardwoods around, and it is our priority to showcase that beauty with quality products that bring out each curl and natural tones of the wood. Wood juice was painstakingly formulated to efficiently stabilize and seal raw wood to give it a robust look. From hobbyist to professional woodworker, Wood Juice is the perfect oil to craft new hardwood pieces, and revive deteriorating pieces. This versatile oil is available on our website in Pint, Quart or Gallon Sizes, click the link below to order.


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