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Ring in the New Year with Chromcraft's Classic Airport Bench

Where do we start. As we reflect on our fifth year of business, we circle back to what got us started: original Chromcraft Airport Bench from PDX Airport. Throughout holiday travel, you probably saw some of these benches in terminals across the country. Not only has the Mid-Century Styling stood the test of time, but the craftsmanship and durability of these American made classics is undeniable. Airports across the country still feature the original Chromcraft benches, many of which were installed more than 20 years ago. Until March, we're offering 10% off ALL Chromcraft Airport Benches, from the original pieces to our updated models featuring new leather, fabric and wood upgrades that breathe new life into these Portland International Airport originals. We also have new "updated vintage" vinyl models with new vinyl upholstery designed to mimic the originals.


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