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PDXoriginals at the newest pdx window shop

For the past few months, I've looked on with envy as Makers Union PDX and Portland Made put on amazing PDX Window Shop projects around Portland highlighting local makers, for a great cause, with 15% of all sales going to the Black Resilience Fund. Our items don't quite fit in your average window display, so we figured the opportunity to be involved would never come. Then, we got an email from Meghan at Portland Made that got us so excited, as Elise from Klein Design Studios was heading the next window that would feature furniture! We jumped at the chance, and worked with Elise to provide 3 of our favorite pieces for the space:

Located at the Fair Haired Dumbbell Building off MLK & Burnside, these 4 window displays feature amazing pieces from talented Portland Makers. The pieces we've included are truly unique, and will never be reproduced again, with 15% of the sales will go to the Black Resilience Fund. Head over to the PDX Window Shop page to take a look at the amazing variety of talented makers involved with the project. We also have to take a step back and appreciate the serendipitous nature of this entire thing. 3 years ago, we put on a non-profit event, helping raise over $7000 for New Avenues for Youth, in the VERY SAME space. We've worked with a number of clients in the building, and just feels so refreshing to circle back to the same space. 3 years ago, we entered this furniture world with nervous excitement, and now, we return with a new found confidence that our focus on sustainably built furniture has a place in our gorgeous city full of makers. So happy to be a part of this!


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