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Live edge Slabs page is live!!!

Being based out of Portland, OR as a furniture designers is a true blessing. We're surrounded by talented makers constantly inspiring us to try new things. Oregon is home to one of the world's most bountiful selection of hardwood, and it's allowed us to create affordable live-edge pieces for nearly any application. Our amazing network of arborists and mills allow us to ensure every single piece we sell is sustainably sourced in Oregon, typically from naturally felled trees. Our Live Edge Slab is now life, featuring a number of finished slabs ready to adapt to your needs. We have an amazing selection of legs and frames to create amazing desks, tables, bar tops, or whatever your heart desires with these impressive pieces. Our finished slabs are on display at our Belmont Showroom. Should you want a fully custom experience, or to work on a piece yourself, we have an ever changing selection of unfinished live edge slabs. All logs have been air dried and seasoned for over a year, allowing the colors to full bleed edge to edge while slowly drying. Once the logs are seasoned properly, we mill the logs into slabs and put each slab in the vacuum kiln, ensuring low moisture levels around 8%. Our raw slabs are on display at our SE Portland warehouse space.


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