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Kush Collaboration rugs are here!

We've long admired Kush Rugs from afar, always impressed by their amazing quality, design, and customization. Regardless of your style and space, Kush Rugs has the perfect piece. Over the last year, this admiration (hopefully mutual, haha) has transformed into collaboration, resulting in a gorgeous collection of 3 rugs that draw inspiration from Oregon. These 5' x 7' pieces are designed for Home + Office, working extremely well with our Sit-Stand Desks and ergonomic chairs. Each rug has multiple colorway options, and we're always open to working with clients to find the perfect color combination for your space. We have one of each rug in our SE Belmont showroom, and online ordering is open. Please reach out to Kush Rugs if you ever have any other rug needs!


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