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Chromcraft Original Vinyl Airport Bench - Our Journey

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This iconic bench from Chomcraft serves as the foundation of our business. Nearly 4 years ago, we found that Port of Portland was liquidating nearly all of PDX's stock of these American classics. They were having trouble finding a buyer, and were ready to melt them down for scrap. We've long had an affection for vintage furniture, and couldn't stomach that outcome, so we endeavored on the massive task of breaking these down for storage, and working to revive them. Over the years, we've become America's foremost resource for these benches, still found in Airports across the country. We've worked closely with airports to keep them alive, and revive them for years to come. During this time, a sad story of American manufacturing emerged. Based out of Mississippi, Chromcraft was once a prominent manufacturer of American furniture, and has since become a shell of it's former self, as the plant shut down and the companies' IP sold off. It's made finding details on the actual designer, or original production date, near impossible. Until now. We've been in contact with former employees of the company, who've let us know a bit about the origin. While production dates are still a bit hazy, these mid-century designs were modeled off the classic Eames Sling Airport Bench design, and hundreds of thousands were sold to airports across the world, providing millions of travelers a degree of comfort no longer found in airport seating. We love updating these with new fabrics and wood accents, but there's just something so exciting and attractive about the original. For each original vinyl model we sell, a painstaking process goes into the build. We hand select seats from our large stock, as few remain in good enough condition to sell as is. We strip off the metal, polish and clean everything, and reassemble to create a bench that doesn't reflect the true age of the models. In honor of this new found information, we're offering 10% off individual bench purchases, and 15% off orders of 2+ for the entire month of February. Use the code "VINYLFEB" at checkout, or contact us for more details. Shop Here!


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