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Chromcraft Black Vinyl 3 Seat Airport Bench
  • Chromcraft Black Vinyl 3 Seat Airport Bench

    This is the original Chromcraft Guardsman 3 Seat Airport Bench. These seats provided comfort to flyers in Portland International Airport since 1983. We've hand picked all of the best vinyl chairs, removing any with significant wear and rips, ensuring the best condition for your set. The aluminum and chrome accents have been removed, cleaned and polished to a mirror shine, and each seat has been cleaned. ed, and polished to a mirror shine, while the seats have been cleaned. Adjustable seat positions allow a closed, more sofa look, or each seat can be spread out about 1"-2" These original sofas look spectacular in homes, game rooms, doctors offices, corporate lobbies, hangers and much more. 


    These benches were originally installed in PDX Airport in the early 1980s. Built by venerable mid century furniture maker, Chromcraft, these benches have a timeless style and durable construction built to stand the test of time. All the metal accents have been polished, and the hand selected seats have been thoroughly cleaned. Some minor nicks and wear may appear, but these are in excellent condition considering age and frequent use. 

    • Product Specifications

      • Maximum Length: 76"
      • Minimum Length: 70"
      • Height: 32"
      • Depth: 26"
      • Weight: 125lbs
      • Polished Aluminum and Chrome
      • Original Armrests
    • Quantity Discounts

      • Please inquire for bulk orders, as we offer quantity discounts!
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