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Bridgetown Fabric Studio Sofa
  • Bridgetown Fabric Studio Sofa

    The Bridgetown Fabric Studio Sofa is the ultimate homage to Portland International Airport's iconic Chromcraft seating. Choose from multiple stitching designs, colorways and armrest options to customize the perfect bench for your home, office or waiting room. We've specifically selected high-quality, durable fabrics designed to withstand frequent use, while complimenting the original mid century modern character of the seating. Chrome and aluminum accents have been polished to a mirror shine, with optional wood armrest upgrades in Sapele and Black Walnut. 


    These benches were originally installed in PDX Airport in the early 1980s. Built by venerable mid century furniture maker, Chromcraft, these benches have a timeless style and durable construction built to stand the test of time. All the metal accents have been polished, and the hand selected seats have been thoroughly cleaned. Some minor nicks and wear may appear on the accents, but these are in excellent condition considering age and frequent use. 

    • Stitching Details

      Please choose between 4 preselected stitching combinations for the fabric editions. Please type in your choice, or contact us for custom stitching requests. 

      • Diamond
        • Backrest: Diamond Stiched
        • Seat: Diamond Stitched
      • Tufted
        • Backrest: 3 Button Tufted
        • Seat: Tuck and Roll
      • Tuck and roll
        • Backrest: Tuck and roll
        • Seat: Tuck and Roll
      • Open Stitching
        • Backrest: Open Stitching
        • Seat: Open Stitching
    • Product Specifications

      • Maximum Length: 100"
      • Minimum Length: 92"
      • Height: 32"
      • Depth: 26"
      • Weight: 160lbs
      • Polished Aluminum and Chrome
      • Choice Between Black Walnut and Sapele Wood Armrests
        • Please Inquire for Custom Wood Requests
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