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Showroom Art Gallery Opening!

This year has thrown a lot our way, and we decided to make the best of it with a major move: we're opening a collaborative showroom with AGENDA in SE Portland! PDXoriginals will continue with our passionate dedication to updating vintage furniture pieces for a modern era, coupled with a new focus on the modern workplace environment, with amazing, hand-crafted sit-stand desks and office furniture. Sustainability remains a cornerstone of our creative process.

AGENDA have pivoted to a physical gallery space at our location, which will be developed as a contemporary gallery promoting PNW artists and sharing work between California and the PNW. Additionally, Little Roots PDX will be curating amazing plant options, perfect for the home or physical office space. We intend our showroom to be a one-stop-shop for all your office and home needs!

On Saturday, 10/10 from 5-7pm we’ll be celebrating the new location of PDXoriginals and AGENDA at 4505 SE Belmont Ave, Portland, OR 97215 with a parking lot reception for artists Vanessa Calvert and Chelsea Moss at AGENDA and Portland Textile Month artists Sam Noel and collaborative artists Felicia Murray & Adriana Moreno at PDXoriginals.

Please come join us outdoors with your mask and enjoy a cocktail or beer through a paper straw as we socially distance and look at some fantastic artwork IN PERSON! We will gather in the parking lot and allow individuals to experience the installations in safe small groups.

Following the gallery event, we will have limited, 10-3 weekend hours. Stay tuned, as we will be expanding those hours into the week, and please feel free to contact me via email or phone for appointment options.

Hope to see you soon!


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