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Designed and Made by:

Brian Kappel of Space Monkey Designs

A Constant State of Recline

I am an Oregon transplant having moved from Central NY in 1998. This project allowed me to look back at my last 20 years in Oregon. That two decade adventure was an amazing journey of high’s and low’s all culminating in fulfilling the dream of working for myself and doing artwork as much as I do work. I used material that I had around my shop and studio to reimagine the airport bench, using the original plywood seat as a foundation, I built up a homage to mid-century modern lounge chairs, only in a deconstructed form. I used scrap wood and spare parts left over from paintings to ideas that never saw the light of day. The pattern of the slats is reflect on the side table and armrests, adding a geometric balance to the otherwise curvy lines. I wanted to create a visually complex piece of wood, that felt organic and free-flowing. I tinkered on this project, trying ideas out until things gelled together into the bench that I'm proud to present. I call it "A Constant State of Recline".

 Special Thanks to the Following

Auction Details


Bidding begins on April 22nd at 7am PST, and ends on May 31st at 8PM PST. Proceeds benefit New Avenues for Youth. Winning bidders must arrange for pickup of the collaboration bench within 2 weeks of the auction's close. In some instances, we can accommodate delivery in the Portland-metro area. Pickup is at our SE Portland warehouse location. We can facilitate shipping at our full service warehouse, with shipping arrangements and costs bore by the winning bidder. 



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