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Design Week Portland and PDXoriginals

PDXoriginals, Design Week Portland & TEDx


The PDX Chair Design Challenge

Everyone remembers the infamous PDX carpet but how about the iconic bench seats that travelers sat on for 40 years…


Recognized as artifacts and integral pieces of PDX history, everyone has a story about these seats and their cultural relevance. A collaboration opportunity presented itself and the Portland International Bench Project was founded.


The mission is rooted in creative restoration, friendship and community allowing Portland-based designers and artists to manifest their memories and feelings about these unique pieces.


These seats will be unveiled during Design Week Portland Opening Party (April 14, 2018) and will be displayed at the Keller Auditorium for TEDxPortland  (April 21, 2018) for attendees to enjoy and reminisce.


We will be holding an open house at our warehouse space on April 20th, from 6:00PM - 9:00PM. All the collaboration benches, and our reupholstered models, will be available for viewing. Enjoy refreshments from Gigantic Brewery and finger foods. Entry is free of charge. Entrance is at the south side of the warehouse. 


4409 SE 24th Ave

Portland, OR 97202


After our events, each collaborator will have a month to display their project. During this time, each individual bench will be auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting New Avenues for Youth. 


We tip our hat to these collaborators: 












Art Institute of Portland






Space Monkey Designs



Felling Studios



Damon Johnstun



Lagom Handmade



& DFRNT Pigeon


With special thanks to the organizers at Design Week Portland, TEDx and New Avenues for Youth.

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